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“Tell me you didn’t drive that car this morning.” His employer shoved a thick envelope into his hand. “Yeah, I did. But I didn’t hit her with it. I’m a good driver. Did I tell you I used to drive a forklift? I can maneuver a car like nobody’s business.” He stuffed the envelope into the front pocket of his jeans, trusting he didn’t need to count it this time. “Idiot! There [...]



Henry Lion OLDIE MASTER                                                                                                 "The Great Square has no angles"                                                                                                                       Frasimedes of Melkh   Sprained ligaments vibrated under Master’s careful fingers; he worked until the man, lying on a rough wooden bench, groaned and opened his eyes. When seeing the gloomy, bearded face bent over him, the man shuddered convulsively and closed his eyes again. "Don't be afraid,” said Master. “The day's over. It's evening now. Don't be afraid and lie still." He was not used [...]


They talked on the phone occasionally as he saved his money. He told her of his dreams of buying a ranch of his own someday and working away was the only way he could do it. When she found out she was pregnant she wanted to tell Wayne but decided against it. She didn’t want him to feel like she had trapped him. She didn’t want him to blame her [...]

Nella's Secret


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M’rain shook her water-skin, knowing even before she did that it was almost empty. With a sigh she wiped her forehead with one arm. The sun beat on her head and the arid desert air dried her sweat as soon as if formed. Her mouth felt like sand. She had wandered farther away from home than usual in her quest for food for the communal cook-pot. She gave her woven gathering basket a weary glance. Its meagre contents mocked her in mute rebuke; three cactus roots, one cactus pear and one skinny desert mole. Her small, bone knife lay on [...]

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The sun shone brightly down on Kylie, filling her with warmth as she sat on the porch of her aunt Tricey's house lost in her memories. Kylie was so wrapped up in her thoughts about her parents and her life before moving with Tricey that nothing else mattered. She was so consumed with her visions of her parents she couldn’t worry about anything else. Not aunt Tricey's rants, not the beatings..nothing. Kylie could still see her mother Lakea's beautiful face and feel her father Daniel's loving arms around her. She wished they were still there to love and protect her. Kylie [...]

A Broken Girl's Journey 4: Kylie's Song

“Senator Newman,” Dani waved her hand, and the incumbent senator looked her way. “On the issue of healthcare reform, in my estimate breast cancer treatment in this country costs approximately fifty-billion dollars a year. Does Congress have an interest in funding the ten million dollars needed to get the Rush Institute’s breast cancer vaccine to clinical trials?” “I’m not aware of a vaccine, but any researcher can submit a grant application to the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program.” Senator Newman abruptly turned away from her. She raised her voice, “Senator, this research is being done right here in Denver. Wouldn’t [...]


Later that day Mallory and BD decided to pay another visit to Brewer’s Yard. This time in their official capacity. Battersby’s doorway had been sealed off by the CSIs, yellow and black tape reading Crime Scene Do Not Cross right across it. They walked past, ignoring the directive and into the open doorway just as O’Brien was walking out, his large frame blocking their path. ‘Take a look around if you want to.’ He said. ‘Just don’t cross the taped-off area inside.’ He walked away, stomping heavy-footedly out through the arch-way and up to the main road, looking flustered and angry. They [...]


Flying to Earth is always an enjoyable experience no matter the circumstances. As Alex left the confines of the Moon, she marveled at the sight, as she had done countless times before. Here in the intra-system traffic way the Mother planet looks her best. Earth appeared as a shining crescent, its dark side sparkling with myriad lights from the great mega-cities. No other human inhabited planet looks the same, not because of Earth’s wonderful natural colors. Many of the colonized planets possessed their own breathtaking hues. But it was here that humanity learned about space. The Earth is shrouded in [...]

On a Sphere's Edge - There's No Place like Home

I inhaled the exotic Havana night air only to realize that I’d been holding my breath the whole time I’d navigated the hallways of the Canadian ambassador’s house. All I wanted to do was escape all of the rigmarole—the constant watchful eyes of the guards; the inconstant eyes of my husband. There are times I swear if I hear the words “consulate” or “ambassador” one more time, I know I’ll scream so loudly all of Cuba will implode. But this is the life I’ve chosen. A red 1950’s Plymouth with a taxi light pulled up to the corner where I stood. “A donde [...]

Introduction to Havana - The Ambassador's Wife Book 1

Your first day home is about learning the new rules. Things change while you’re gone, and the quicker you can catch up, the less destruction you’re liable to cause. This was a lesson Monty had learned years ago—it was the kind of realization that snuck up on him, and he’d taken to it as a kind of faith. Monty was five hours out, and already four rules deep. He reached into his pocket and folded his hand around an imaginary key. He made a turning motion at the broken lock and pushed the door open, the way his father had showed him [...]

"Something Familiar," Late Lights

The bus arrived at half past three; the lady climbed on it, found a comfortable seat, and settled in by pulling out her diary.  She leaned back to the seat, opened the pages and started reading. 11th April 1987 Saturday. Dear Sophie, My name is Ashitha. I am a 10 year old girl, studying in fifth grade in Mount Carmel School.  I have a close friend named Sanjana, my classmate, and Sreejith is the name of her younger brother. We stay here, in the temporarily furnished quarters of the marvelous "Lions Park" near to the beach road. Gorgeous Mayflower trees to the both sides [...]

April Showers bring May Flowers