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Jethro Postlethwaite had never kept a diary before. Then again, he’d never been kidnapped, locked in a dark cell and tortured before. And he’d never experienced someone else’s memories… …or had nanites injected into his eyes… …and then there was the fact that he’d uncovered the truth about the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet… …oh, of course, there was the little matter of being on the run from THEM… …in a [...]

The Book That THEY Do Not Want You To Read Videoblurb


Just Beneath the Surface, II: Landon’s Story Chapter One: Landon Landon Adams knew as he stepped off the elevator and headed toward his apartment, that the music blasting at the end of the hallway came from his home. Tired from his run, and in no mood to argue with his fiancée, he took a deep breath. He rested his hand on the doorknob for a moment. He wondered how many times his fiancée, [...]

Landon's Story, Chapter 1


I know I have been promising you The Milk Run starring Aason and Lupe Bierak for a long time. Well, I'm pleased to announce that finally it has begun. I have completed a draft of the first chapter which sets up the protagonists, the conflict, in fact, the entire plot. Just to prove I am not making this up, here are the first three paragraphs.      “AASON!” Lupe shrieked, her voice warbling [...]

My next novel, The Milk Run, has begun


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Erik sat back against the vinyl seat of the little electric cart and closed his eyes. The damp smell of Blacke Island’s ancient trees filled his nostrils as the little cart snaked its way up the meandering driveway. He sensed Catherine turning in her seat to look at him and opened his eyes just in time to see a hawk swoop down near the edge of the water and catch a small rabbit in its talons. “You began prep a week ago, correct?” She was speaking to him but looking at the folder in her hands. Erik tried to steal a look at [...]

Blacke Harbor

In Rome's Revolution, during the 35th century, most of the travel between the stars takes place using PPT tunnels. However the word tunnel is misleading. We all think of a tunnel as dark hole that extends over some distance with a distinct entry and exit point. However, a PPT tunnel is infinitely thin. So thin that its edge is sharper than the sharpest blade ever constructed. It has been used to slice off hands, construct a campus (like in The Ark Lords) and yield other miracles. Rei Bierak had the same notion as we do when it comes to the word [...]

When is a tunnel not a tunnel?

How could something this wonderful have happened to someone like Ellen? A month ago, she was wondering how she was going to feed her children. Now, they had enough food in their kitchen that they could open a restaurant. Her mind wandered as she sat at her vanity and applied her make-up. She imagined her children going to the best colleges, something she had never been able to do. Tom would take good care of them. He was very close to his parents, so Ellen knew he would be a good father to her kids. “If I had known you were [...]

"The Demise of Stella's Falls" sequel to Keep the Faith, Ellen McGuire WIP

Walk With Me.. is a healing and guidance cd written and recorded by Mitch Bensel. It covers may of the horrendous moments all have in life. The hope and result of this CD is to help all that have a difficult path in life to overcome and carry on. There are many testimonials of how this CD has helped so many. Here are a few samples of the cd, for more audios and to read the testimonials for free at or download from

Walk With Me

This microcerpt contains adult Content:: He was sitting at the table he had made. She moved her hand along the lines of the cherry wood table, “this is a handsome piece of furniture.” She walked to the cabinet and got a tea cup. “Where did you get it?” He sat there and watched her move, he sat there and was away in another time for a moment. He saw them together through many years, many lives..”many...” He said in a low tone but she heard him. “Many?” She paused then sat at the table with him, “you bought many of these?” [...]

City Sensual

The drive home was one of questions one of wishes. “Kieran....” she tried out the name to feel it on her breath’s exhale, “yes, I like that, Kieran...” The night was different and the air seemed to slow and roll against her car. Feelings of fear mixed with joy. The sound of whispers slipped into the car suddenly, Sonia saw her mother standing in the middle of the road crying. She slammed on the breaks. “Mom!” Her mother had been dead for over a year, why was this happening? “Mom!” She ran to her mother, but she disappeared as quickly as [...]

Wishes of Seven

Guido van Thool, blond head downcast with little round spectacles perusing a book, is about to enter the door of Loti’s café in the old quarter of Potence when he bumps into a girl, knocking pumps out of her hands. He apologises, picks up the pumps, lets his book fall in the process, picks it up and rising, reddens slightly, as his eyes are drawn to long shapely legs protruding from a white wool coat.The girl smiles doe-eyed, and his mind becomes suffused with the idea that he has just bumped into the most beautiful girl he ever saw...  

For Love of Anna

CHAPTER 10 JULY 31, 1861 Only a few days into his time in Charleston, Harry sat down at his desk to write a letter. It might be the most important he had ever written, and he had thought through the implications of every word. July 31, 1861 To Mrs. Anne Wofford Wentworth, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania By the hand of P.H. Wentworth III, Charleston, South Carolina   My beloved wife, Anne, As you well know from our long years together, I am not a man accustomed to admitting wrongs. In this case, however, I must acknowledge my ill-advised decision, and rescind my invitation for you and the girls to join [...]

Blind Tribute - Ch. X

Chapter 1 Wisdom is the reward for surviving our own stupidity. --Wendel Volker * * * Run! Instinct and compulsion drove Sinjin's lean, teenage body to greater speed, his shoulder-length, auburn hair streaming behind him. Running was the one thing he did well, and the landscape slid by in a blur punctuated by moments of perfect focus. Leaping over a protruding tree root, his eyes locked on another dark-robed figure moving within the trees. Startled, Sinjin lost his step and nearly went down, but through strength of will, he heeded his father's command and ran. Faster. Run, Sinjin, run! Ahead the trail turned sharply upward on [...]

Regent (Chapter 1-A)