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(Year 3476 AD - Somewhere in the Nu2 Lupi Star System) “That’s… amazing,” Aroline said. “And incomprehensible at the same time.” “Yeah,” Aason said. “But there’s more.” “More?” “Yes. Back on Earth, there was this evil computer named MASAL who designed the 24th chromosome. At the time, everybody thought it was a great idea and it gave rise to the Overmind which is the collective consciousness of all the Vuduri that reside on the [...]

How do you find an invisible planet? Part 6 of 8


Nothing can go wrong in the close-knit community surrounding Philadelphia Sacred Covenant University in North Philadelphia, USA or can it? Vince Singleton is retired, but works 3 days a week teaching in the English Department and his co-worker Gina Alimentare makes it bearable with her Italian American homemade cannoli, rum cake, or ricotta cheese cake just to name a few. Even though they have a good working relationship where humor is [...]

Out Of The Picture by Augustus M. Cileone


Retired Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Mary Deal helps the reader understand the power on one’s subconscious. Quote: “A thin window of consciousness differentiates two states of mind-self-hypnosis and meditation – and this book explains their similarities and defines each condition and accessibility. “If curious enough to at least pursue this book, then the ability to learn these techniques are already a part of your consciousness and soon to be recognized. Lucky [...]

Hypno-Scripts - Life Changing Techniques Using Self-Hypnosis and Meditation - by Mary Deal


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Jocelyn Frost, therapist to demigoddesses, is scared. Her boss is out to fire her, but she may change her mind if Jocelyn can solve the present dilemma facing her clients. But that is only one of her troubles. The people in her life are getting hurt and for no reason that Jocelyn can identify, she is at the center of it all. With only a couple of days to find a solution, she will need to battle more than just the dark forces that are trying to sabotage her efforts. Jocelyn will have to come to terms with her own self-doubt and [...]

In-Between Work and Play (The Jocelyn Frost Series Book 1)

"Atmosphere check," Harold said on his trake, stepping from his ship. "Seventy-eight percent methane, Captain," his atmosensor told him. The atmoshield crackled as if in sympathy, buffeted by the methane winds, the red dwarf primary glaring purple through the magenta sky. A grove of cyan trees soared straight into the air and ballooned a thousand feet above him. Salmon moss cushioned his step, soft as a pillow. At the base of the slope sat a lime lake, crimson ducks swimming between royal reeds. Luminescent lemon lightning bugs swarmed around his atmoshield, repelled like the wind itself, the foreign insectoids rejected by [...]

Particulate, Scene 1

Luke stared at the men thoughtfully for a long moment before saying, “You do understand I have a problem, now that you know where she is and who she’s with.” Alissia stood frozen and watched as both men looked up into Luke’s eyes and began to beg for their life. They promised they would tell no one they had seen her. When their voices began to rise in panic, Luke struck each of them in the mouth and warned them to calm down. He put restraints on them, and they looked at Alissia, whimpering as if begging her for their life. [...]

Unexpected Metamorphosis

Hey everyone, my name is Justin Jay Gladstone. I published a novel known as 'The Other Side' not too long ago and could really use help with it's growth. I'm seeking reviews, and promotion for it. If you would be so kind to help me with this goal, it'd be very appreciated. If not, you can always like the page for support. Thanks! Description- “If the universe was created with one thought, then who was the first to think?” Accepting that belief should make it feasible to believe that a world that reflects all exists. If there is such a dimension, there would be a certain [...]

The Other Side: Remastered

The Abandoned Children The child sat on the unrelenting hard floor in the corner of the large shadowed cold room. She drew scribbles in the thick musty dust with her small pudgy fingers. Light peeked through cracks between the old boards that had been nailed over the windows. There was nowhere for her to lay hear head, no way for her to go to the outhouse, nothing to eat and it was quiet as the grave. Where was her grandma? She had already cried until there was no more moisture for tears; screamed until her voice became a whisper and still [...]

Wheezer and the Giveaway Child

‘Welcome. You are now signed in.' The black on white letters appear in front of me on my screen. I have just signed on for the latest in a long list of popular online games. Sophia, my friend, has been playing it since last weekend and she is totally hooked on it. This is one of the reasons I decided to sign up as well. The most important reason though is that the summer holidays are looming ahead of me. Five long, long weeks of absolutely nothing to do. There will be no summer camps for me this year. Early every weekday [...]


About Fire Hunt: Julia was dedicated to the cause, even though she was marked a traitor by her own kind for becoming a Federal Witch Hunter. When her partner captures a man from her past, Julia must make a choice: Let the witch be tortured, or blow her cover and go with plan B. All Edmund wanted was to help the magical community and escape his extremist lifestyle. Instead he was setup and captured by Witch Hunters. Cut off from his magic and held prisoner, Edmund didn’t think things could get worse. Then Julia struts into his holding cell with an escape [...]

Fire Hunt trailer

Yesterday, his life was simple. For ages, his day started the same. For centuries, his day ended the same. He got the list and he went to work. After hundreds of years, he had lost the ability to feel. Everybody was born, lived their life, however long they were supposed to, and then they died. It was not rocket science. Feeling ready to burst out of his skin, Daimhin shoved the list across the wide wooden desk and took an agitated look around the room. “A kid!” He exclaimed. His manager looked back at him, where he was seated at the top end [...]

Guardian Angel

This poetry book describes every type of human emotion possible. From love to hate to murder, this book has captured the essense of Edgar Allen Poe's style. A wonderful coffee book read. ​ Jennipher goes in depth into the deepest human emotions and brings them to light in poetry that will keep you wanting more. ISBN-10: 1460941055

Poetry For Emotion

They walked over a dry brown plain interspersed with red lakes. They were two naked brother gods, one dark the other red. There was a salty tang in the air, as if they were close to the ocean but the air was heavier and more foetid. A white mountain was visible in the distance and getting larger. It seemed to be their destination. Simon glanced at his companion and saw that they were the same size now; brothers indeed, as they crossed this strange parched land. As they neared the mountain, Simon saw it for what it was; a huge [...]

Meeting with Kharmeth - Extract from A Vision of the Future (Volume 4 of the FirstWorld Saga)