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‘When the Chairman and Committee are undecided about which eternity a soul should have, they send individuals back to Earth to live additional lives. Eventually the true nature of the soul will show and for those who’ve lived to your age it can be a relatively easy decision. You’ll discover more of your previous lives when I send you upstairs.’ Ron’s mind was buzzing with loads of unanswered questions and he [...]

Beyond Death (The Afterlife Series Book 1)

Based on true events and inspired by my personal experiences, SOUTHERN PASSAGE tells of the coming of age and searching for adult identity in the face of adversity in the 1960s Jim Crow South of a white eighteen-year-old recent high school graduate from St. Louis. [AMAZONPRODUCTSB00M4Y88IG]  

Coming of age in the 1960s American South


A Secret in Ash Brooke - Chapter Ten – Ella resembles the Chorus Girl –  The entertainment district evolved slowly over several generations. Old two and three-story warehouses and stores, unsuited for use as factories, found new life as saloons and dance halls. Vine Avenue split the entertainment area into two distinct sections. Almost all the owners of buildings to the east, continually renovated and upgraded. They kept pace with the formal [...]

A Secret in Ash Brooke (10a)


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When Ludwig Van Beethoven died three letters were found where he was pouring his heart out to a woman with no name. She was only referred to as the "Immortal Beloved." For decades, people have wondered who the elusive woman that the inspiration for Ludwig Van Beethoven's inspirational and moving music is. Now, a young woman named Stephanie Stover and her best friend are about to go on an incredible adventure in time as Stephanie finds her place in history as the inspiration for the greatest composer to ever live.           

Beethoven's Immortal

Part Four of Journey. This microcerpt contains realistic language. Its been a month now. I gotta say the staff here doesn’t suck as bad as at the other schools I’ve been to.  Most of them are OK.  The assistant principal is a real asshole, and the cafeteria lady that runs the cash register isn’t much better, but the rest of the grownups here are OK. We still have the same routines day after day.  Boring.  I’m no good at this stuff.  It keeps me mad all the time.  No way out that I see, though. “I don’t want to do any math today.” “You know [...]

Journey (Four)

WAR has been feeling restless of late, a strange beckoning that he cannot explain seemingly calling out to him. Feeling the need to find the answer to this sensation he decides to journey to Earth in mortal form, all the while being exposed to one strange and humorous adventure after another as he tries to adjust to life as a human being. While there he experiences an overwhelming attraction to one woman. He soon finds out that she was his soul mate in a previous life… before he was chosen by God to take on the mantle of WAR, one [...]

WAR: Horseman Of The Apocalypse (Love Blooms Eternal)

Time: Age 47 Once, several years ago, I was coming into our building, which is a brown brick, two-story affair.  I was walking by the elevator and there, standing within, was possibly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.  She had long dark hair with bangs.  She had on a pair of glasses in a very delicate gold wire frame.  She was wearing a tight form-fitting long-sleeved apricot-colored turtleneck blouse. The material was thin so you could clearly see she was well endowed but, at the same time, her stomach was absolutely flat.  She was wearing a [...]

Future Past - Essay 22 - The Woman in the Elevator

Meet Mary Matthews, a woman who was once very religious but has now lost her faith. When she was a little girl her father was heartlessly killed because he had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though she had prayed to God to save him her prayers were ignored and her father died right in front of her, thus causing her to abandon everything that she had once believed in. Now she is a grown woman who discovers to her surprise that she is pregnant, only the father turns out to be somebody whom she would [...]

IMMACULATE: The Second Coming Of The Christ (A Theological Adventure/Thriller Novel)

A Secret in Ash Brooke - Chapter Nine Continued – The following Monday morning, after Martin arrived at the paper, he found J.B. pacing the floor. Every few seconds he would step outside the door. “I hope nothing has happened to Luella, she is nowhere in sight.” Martin checked his wristwatch, then could not help but tease J.B. with a grin. “I have not seen the morning bus yet J.B., nor have the factory whistles blew. Do you think something must be up?” Martin no longer got the words out of his mouth when the bus passed the door and stopped at the corner. The [...]

A Secret in Ash Brooke (09b)

Michael Potters is caught in a dilemma. He is attempting to solve his own murder and trying to do so in the form of a little boy whose body he now inhabits. While doing so, he not only has to keep the secret from his own son, but from the new family that he is now living with. To add even more to his troubles he is having to once more attend grade school, something which was frustrating enough the first time. He has no idea why all of this is happening to him nor how much time he has [...]


I hear the rustle, of wings as they feather.  No muss; nor tussle,  spirit’s dreams of forever.     I see the light, whose perimeter all aglow, looks to unite, strips bare any care or woe. In love, it rests firm, and approaches in peace, the end of life’s term, only awaits your release.

Annie's Angels

Time: Age 48 Ashley was my second ex-wife’s nail tech.  She was 35 years old and she came to came to live with us one summer.  She worked in a salon where they practiced witchcraft, or at least what they learned in beauty school.  They knew how to accentuate a woman’s features and have her come off as the most attractive she could be.  In the late spring, Ashley’s lease was up and her credit history was so checkered that she and her two daughters (also known as the bedbugs) were going to be left without a place to live.  My [...]

Future Past - Essay 23 - Ashley Morgan

Lila L. Pinord writes with mastery equal to an artist with a paint brush. I encourage libraries and schools to put ‘Min’s Monster’ on their summer reading list. Here are just three of my favorite quotes from Min’s Monster. “The city of Center was disturbingly quiet today. Sheriff Andy Mann stood at the window of his upper story office gazing at the snow-covered buildings and streets. Everything is so hushed. Like the city was lying in wait for something to happen – something that would burst this bubble of tranquility.” “The partially frozen girl stepped put into the clearing and the wind [...]

Min's Monster by Lila L. Pinord