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“Six thousand five hundred and seventy days remain in my life, according to my astrological calculations.” This is a quote from Evangeline Adams who becomes famous as the seer of Wall Street. Not only is she a descendant of President John Quincy Adams, she one of America’s first female entrepreneurs. Author Clint Adams has learned through thousands of hours of research and development that he is not part of Evangeline Adams’ [...]

EVANGELINE: The Seer of Wall St. – by Clint Adams


(Year 3476 AD - Somewhere in the Nu2 Lupi Star System) Aroline gazed all around Junior’s cargo compartment, completely bewildered but simultaneously luxuriating in the warmth of the interior. She stopped in her tracks when she saw the remains of the animal that had attacked Aason, its bloody carcass still lying on the floor. “That’s part of an Ice-saberoo,” she said, pointing at the lump of fur. “What happened? How’d it get [...]

How do you find an invisible planet? Part 1 of 8


October 2005 The two Johns, Little John and Gorgeous John, had been staking out Rose for a day. They had set up audio-visual surveillance in an apartment across the courtyard, just a few metres away from the business man’s office in the same building, which had large uncovered windows offering an excellent view. The labyrinthine office complex in the west of Athens had once been busy, but today, in 2005, it [...]

Love, Rock and Crime


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Realm of Fantasy   Up the stairs and down the wall, Dracula’s bride arrives at the ball, The vamps dance around in Halloween cheer, As lost souls float contagiously in fear, Drac appears to greet the guests, As the werewolves are lead upon their quests, Ghosts and ghouls down by the hall, Hear the phantoms unearthly call, Witches caldrons boil and bubble, As the blood dripping walls begin to double, Franks monster lurks down below, As the skeleton bones crack and echo, In the dungeons far underground, Beneath the coffins bloodshed and bound, Lay the deformed creatures of the night, Showers of thunder send the bats off in fright, Trolls wrapped in velvet create an image to sell, As [...]

Realm of Fantasy Poem

He was nearing the end of his meal when a man strode up next to him at the counter and slammed down a large wooden mug. The smell of stale beer and body odour washed over Aiden, making him glad he was just about to finish eating. “Beer me,” the man said in a low, gruff voice. The innkeeper strode over to the counter from where he was preparing some food and looked the newcomer straight in the eye. “Alright, but this is the last one, Colt.” “It's the last one when I say it's the last one,” the gruff man explained. “Now [...]

Nature Abhors a Vacuum, Chapter One - Out of Beer

Sticking Point by North Carolina Native Mystery Writer Susan Whitfield is her fifth and final book in her Logan Hunter Mysteries. Each book in stands alone, but starting at the beginning of the series will bring more clarity. The author draws the reader into the mystery and into the lives of her well-developed characters. Reading Sticking Point will whet your appetite for more, however the author and I suggest that you read her entire series from start to finish. North Carolina SBI Agent Logan Hunter is struggling to move forward after the death of her husband Chase and his child whom [...]

Sticking Point by Susan Whitfield

Author's note:  This is from a work in progress titled Howard the Red.  It is the third book in the Surviving the Fog series. Chapter Two It was the cellphones that gave us the first indication something had gone awry.  The counselors were convinced they had confiscated all the unauthorized electronic equipment, so using Pete to watch for roaming counselors, I was able to make several more calls.  I had excellent reception on my smartphone.  During my last call to Pop, he sprang a surprise. “I bought three tickets to see Anaheim play.” “How are they doing?” I asked. “They’re two games out of first [...]

What Happened to Them

(Year 3476 AD - Somewhere in the Nu2 Lupi Star System) “What I am trying to say is that operating at a baser level will allow Aason to detect, translate and refine his mind-reading and communication skills more quickly. I can instruct you on the exact procedures you must use but I cannot force you to do this.” Aroline thought about it for a minute then stood up. “Will it help me get my father back?” she asked. “I have computed that our best chance to resolve this situation is to communicate. So to that degree, yes.” “Then I’ll do it,” she said. Aason whipped [...]

How do you find an invisible planet? Part 8 of 8

Spindly legs pumping, Jetsam raced for the garden’s outer wall.  The canine ran by his side.  Tramp gazed at Jetsam, his pink tongue flapping in the night breeze.  He smells the meat in my pocket.  Paws and leather boots thumped the thick green grass.  In a moment, they’d reach the garden wall, and Tramp would not jump the six-foot high rampart.  I guess you’re coming with me, Jetsam decided. Familiar baritone shouts of “halt, knave!” told Jetsam the sentry spotted him again.  This time though, his escape path was clear.  Climb the wall and head for the well house.  Once over [...]

Climbing the Wall (A microcerpt from Crimson & Cream by C.M. Skiera)

:: The Ambrosia The Ambrosia was situated in the heart of the city, a few steps away from the Parliament. In a cosmopolitan atmosphere, foreign chefs concocted dishes challenging the imagination, as expensive as pieces of jewellery. A hot and cold buffet was offered from 12.00 – 16.00, with exotic sandwiches, salads and desserts. The restaurant closed at 17.00 and opened again at 20.00 with a different menu. It was closed on Tuesdays. Avra Nessou managed the goldmine, assisted by the film director Basil Goddard. An ex-boxer guarded the door with clear instructions as to “who was welcome” to enter. For [...]

The Ambrosia (part 7)

"The fact that I haven't been sleeping well lately may be contributing to the general deterioration in my mood. I definitely need  to see a therapist. I've narrowed the search down to two candidates (Lily and Olivia) and will pick one of them tomorrow.   There's a lot on my mind in general, but exaerbating everything is the fact that my nightmares seem to have gotten worse - like how they were a few years ago. Sleep has become more difficult because I've been waking up gasping for air at 4 a.m., throwing the blanket off me in terror..."

Julien's Nightmares

Have you ever felt drawn into a moving thread of energy that is beyond yourself and seemingly beyond this earthly plane? Burl Benson Hall began his journey into this universal energy thread around the age of four. His mystic guide, named “Sophia” in Greek mythology and early Christian writings, teaches Burl to experience and understand the feminine and the masculine forces that make up the energy in our universe. Mystic, philosopher and author Burl Benson Hall brings his experiences, vision, passion and mission to heal our individual inner wounded nature, the natural world around us (our planet) and all of humankind in [...]

Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call To Heal Our Wounded Nature – by Burl Benson and Merry Stetson Hall

:: A Stranger  The interrogation of the accountant had stalled; it appeared he was unable to think. To switch things up, Jason decided to send him back to Rose’s office to help Stephen with the search. Hurt asked to call his wife before leaving. Beads of sweat gathered on his brow as he dialled the number. Her screams trumped his explanations. He waited for her to take a breath to voice the words that would give her pause. “ROSE DIED,” he finally managed to say and explained the situation - that is to say, he lied to her. His request to [...]

:: A Stranger (part 4)