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In the morning, flashes of a dream she’d had last night accompanied her as she drove to the hospital. Her mother, a big believer in dreams, always said they were one of the ways God speaks to us, so when Adanna had a particularly vivid one, she paid attention. The details of last night’s nocturnal vision were fuzzy, but it centered on a man whose physical appearance gave the dream [...]

The Man in Her Dream


“Can you show me where Dr. Vic is? I’d like to congratulate him before everything gets started. He pointed her in the right direction, and after she spoke to her surgeon, Gianne strolled through the room and looked for an unoccupied table. When she didn’t find a vacant table, she chose one not far from the door where only two people were seated. Neither of them seemed friendly, probably the reason [...]

The First Meeting Spread your wings ‎”God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly – not one.”-Rumi      Buy Print You’ve heard it before I’ll say it once more; within every moment exists a law so potent. Within the good is the bad, opposites could be had. What this means, is that things are not as it seems. Its an elaborate plot, to keep you from trying, to spread your wings, and let you [...]

Spread your wings


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Cover reveal for Ravaged-release date 9/30/14. [AMAZONPRODUCTSasin=0615975348] Detective Brooke Daniel's first day in the Homicide Department began with the grueling discovery of unidentifiable human remains and continued with the Mayor's daughter being slain by a sadistic killer. The killer begins to taunt Brooke, as if he knows her personally, and the killings continue. The detectives soon dub him "the Ripper" because of his copycat behavior of the infamous Jack the Ripper. Meanwhile, more unidentifiable remains are found and the homicide team soon finds them themselves hunting another kind of killer—an animal kind. When "the Ripper" sets his sights on Brooke herself, who—or what—will [...]


Preparatory   The bell is old. Melancholic moans issue forth from its tortured throat. For a brief moment, the air in the preschool possesses a tyrannical tranquility. Children drop their toys to form perfect rows, their white eyes and upturned faces locked in demoniac dreaming. The sun glares back at them like an angry eye in the sky. Data downloads … knowledge beyond human imagination impeccably interlaced in the purest blanket of memories. The tolling stops. It shatters the stillness. Once again, dirt dances… laughter fills the schoolyard. The pupils come home to unsuspecting parents. Amply prepared, tonight would be their final test.   from 100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano -- [...]

Preparatory -- 100-word story from 100 NIGHTMARES

THE COLLECTOR by K.Z. Morano   The pregnant woman viewed the dolls on the shelf. Boys and girls resplendent in their different ethnic costumes… each masterfully crafted piece her treasure and her torment. They sat in the dimness, haunting her with their glassy stare and the malevolent twinkling of their button eyes. Sometimes, the bedroom seemed to fill with their phantasmal screams. Once, she knew each and every one of them… understood the flutter of their tiny hearts better than her own pulse. Not too long ago, they were housed inside her womb. A few months later, a new doll joined her siblings on the shelf.   from 100 NIGHTMARES - [...]

The Collector -- a 100-word story from 100 Nightmares

At last Kevin led me onto the dance floor, gave a signal to the orchestra, and waltzed me around the room to the melody of Strauss’s Blue Danube; I noticed smiles on the gentlemen’s faces. It was the countenances of their wives that annoyed me. As Kevin’s wife I would be held responsible for the way society accepted, or failed to accept, our union. From the bland expressions on the women’s faces it was clear to me that they would only begrudgingly accept my presence in their world. When the dance ended Kevin walked with me to the cluster of [...]

Mother-in-law Showdown, excerpt 1

Year 3455 AD (1374 PR) 1.5 Light Years from Tabit, headed for Deucado Rei Bierak sat silently in the cockpit of their space tug, along with Rome. OMCOM’s final words of caution were still ringing in their ears. Now they had to worry not only about the Stareaters, but whatever the hell it was that OMCOM spawned was after them too. Rei rocked back and forth, whispering to himself, as if his motion could somehow make them go faster. He looked over at Rome. She was studying the console but the tightness on her face told Rei her mind was elsewhere. Rei felt [...]

Rei's Space Walk - Part 1 of 5

"It is nine o'clock in the morning, and Rebecca is standing in the bathroom looking in the mirror at her naked body.  This is something she does quite a bit lately ever since she found out her husband Marcus has been having yet another affair for the last year; this one's name is Sandi.  Rebecca is not happy with the image reflected back at her.  After twenty years of marriage, the birth of two children, and years of neglect, she looks fifty-two instead of forty-two years old.  Time has not been kind to her.  Her face is weathered and wrinkled, [...]

Fool Me Once...

Solomon, Sweet Solomon - Click Solomon, Sweet Solomon His eyes wide open, for one last time, drinking it all in, before starting his climb. Settled where we built the fires, in that place he loves to be. Everything that he desires, especially, lap watching TV. “Don’t you worry my little buddy, no need to hurry, I stand watch in your study.” It will be alright, perhaps not how I want. But in you shines the light of my healing detente. Iktomi Skehan; playful god of mischief making. Life will go on, even if in your absence waking. You can close your eyes whenever you are ready prepare for your surprise, from your always steady. Solomon, sweet Solomon another chapter into mystery. Your next journey just begun I’ll see you [...]

Solomon, Sweet Solomon

Deep From his dwelling in the deep, a voice spoke to me. The Old Ones shall rise again, regurgitated by the sea. The moon will rise, pregnant with monstrous light. And on her starless sheet of black, spawn creatures of the night. And you and I and all of humanity shall be the bricks from which a new era will be built… Our corrupted flesh and bones piled on top of each other to make monoliths that could impale the sky. Call me mad. But in my place between death and drugged dreaming, I have seen them… cities built by Fish-men. Quilt I’ve always admired grandma’s needlework skills, [...]

100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano

The Elusive Smoking Gun First half of Chapter Three Summary:  Within the confines of a highly secured area, a sniper kills the state senator. The police apprehend the suspect in under three minutes. Successful in his devious plan to hide the rifle; the killer waited on a bench, and showed no sign of fleeing. An extended search by the FBI failed to locate the murder weapon. With no evidence to hold him, the sniper walked. The case remained unsolved for years. Chapter Three Two weeks elapsed since the last time Brett Kallum required information that brought him to the police station. Notified about some [...]

The Elusive Smoking Gun (03a)

John and his attorney left immediately. Emma hung around the courthouse lobby making sure her ex was gone. Her attorney kept her company. “I think John is gone. My car is in the parking garage. Would you mind walking me there and waiting until I get in my car and lock it?” “I’m heading in the same direction. Let’s go.” As they walked they talked about the new life Emma would be starting on Cape Cod. She assured William he would continue to be her attorney, he just might have to travel a little more. The pressure of the day off her shoulders, [...]

Emma's Ghosts-First in "The Ghostly Women Series"-WIP