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The individual self is an actor, life is the stage; we are masters of our emotions capable of expressing self-assurance, joy and rage. There is a hidden self, living deep within the forest of life, one that we prefer not to show, it is only the image of strength and confidence that we truly choose to expose. It is during the times of valleys and peaks, darkness and fear; that we wear [...]

The Tapestry of Life…


A Greener Earth by K.Z. Morano   The moss spread between her thighs like a strange infection. She lay in the greenhouse where she had been embraced by the gargantuan flower a fortnight ago… its stamen bulging, throbbing in a monstrous erection, filling her tormented womb with the seed that will refurbish the earth. She cried in transcendent pleasure and pain as rank weeds and serpentine vines sprouted from her flesh, creating new orifices. The hell-born [...]

A Greener Earth -- a 100-word story from 100 NIGHTMARES


Chapter 2 SHE STARED AT THE MAN in front of her. “Mr. Hand, hello …” CJ Hand looked up at the woman seated behind the large walnut desk. He stared at her, painfully focusing on her face. “Sorry Doctor Andersen, I wandered off.” “CJ, we’ve been at this for three months.” She leaned back in her dark-brown leather chair.      “What are you thinking?” “I wasn’t thinking—I was rerunning why the hell I did what [...]

Deadly Circles - A CJ Hand Novel Chapter 2 (partial)


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The Diner by K.Z. Morano   Someone blew his head off with a shotgun. He tried piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of meat. Brain bits slipped from his fingers like fidgety worms. “Stop.” the waitress seethed . “The murder… the pain… that’s all we need to remember. Unless you wanna take the EXIT.” She pointed towards the flickering neon sign. It’s a gash in the universe where the dead crawl in… once they decide to forget. Every day, the diners feed on anger, fattening their souls with thoughts of vengeance. Every day, at dawn, unfortunate travelers walk in, just in time as the diners relive the slaughter.   from 100 Nightmares by [...]

The Diner — a 100-word story from 100 NIGHTMARES

"Inspector Gonzales was in his office at his desk working on some case files when a courier from the Federal Police Headquarters in Mexico City arrived and personally handed him a sealed letter from his commanding officer.  This was a first and he knew it was probably not good news.  Hesitantly, Inspector Gonzales opened the letter and read it twice.  I was what he later called the 'good, bad, and ugly' letter; good because he had been promoted to lieutenant, bad because he was being transferred to the Monterrey City office to assist with the Zeta drug cartel problem as [...]

Fool Me Once...Final Resolution

Rei knew he could never win an argument about the trade off so he decided to try and bully his way past. “Let’s not fight about this,” Rei said. “It has to be this way. Just help me get ready.” Rome did not answer. In fact, she said nothing the entire time they walked back to the austere anteroom outside the mid-ship airlock. Rei reached into his locker and removed his pressure suit, climbing into it, all the while aware that Rome was standing there, arms folded across her chest. For this short walk, he didn’t bother with the plumbing and he [...]

Rei's Space Walk - Part 2 of 5

Snowflakes - Click "The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love." -Margaret Atwood Each Snowflake is different, just like each of us. their interwoven commitment displays chaotic genius. And like the falling snow the love that we all can know, has many expressions, and answers many questions. Don't forget to get your Daily Meds


The old woman looks at me and asks,“Are you ready child?” “Ready for what?” I ask. “For your cleansing sweat. The women sweat as the men do, only for different reasons. Many girls and women sweat during their moon time to take away the cramping in the womb. New mothers sweat to rid themselves of the sore muscles used to bring forth new life. Old women sweat to ease the pain in our old bones. It is healthy for the whole body and mind. The men do it for good fortune at the hunt, spiritual power, strength against their enemies, and for guidance from the Great Spirit. She undresses me [...]

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony from "The Longest Trail"

THE SONGS OF PETER SLIADEK by Henry Lion Oldie (historical adventure fantasy novel with some poetry; consists of 12 novelettes) Chapter One Here and Now   The choice is always up to us. The choice is always left behind us. We move forward, we hurry, but do we have enough courage to interrupt our motion, to stop, subduing our fear, and to turn our back on the danger or the luck, which is always in front of us, while turning our face towards our choice—towards the inexorable and invisible choice that is always, forever, left behind us?    The last entry in the diary of Byarn the Pensive, a [...]

Here and Now (The Songs of Peter Sliadek Book 1) Spread your wings ‎”God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly – not one.”-Rumi      Buy Print You’ve heard it before I’ll say it once more; within every moment exists a law so potent. Within the good is the bad, opposites could be had. What this means, is that things are not as it seems. Its an elaborate plot, to keep you from trying, to spread your wings, and let you start flying…..   Are you getting your daily meds (medicine for the mind, heart and soul).

Spread your wings

The Elusive Smoking Gun - Second half of Chapter Three Continued from previous post (03a). Brett immediately called his friend, Officer Dowling, to dispatch a ladder or bucket truck to the park, stating. “I have a good hunch the rifle used to kill the senator, is hidden high up in a hollow tree.” Within five minutes a local squad car arrived to confirm Kallum's story, and inform him a hook and ladder is on its way. The officer finished relaying his message only seconds ahead of the fire truck. After a short conversation about Kallum's discovery, Brett pointed out where they should maneuver the vehicle into [...]

The Elusive Smoking Gun (03b)

In the morning, flashes of a dream she’d had last night accompanied her as she drove to the hospital. Her mother, a big believer in dreams, always said they were one of the ways God speaks to us, so when Adanna had a particularly vivid one, she paid attention. The details of last night’s nocturnal vision were fuzzy, but it centered on a man whose physical appearance gave the dream had special meaning. No one she knew had such a light complexion and eyes that appeared to glow in the dark. When she arrived at the hospital, immediately she sensed a [...]

The Man in Her Dream