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  Spring Finally Came by: K.Z. Morano   Spring finally came… I toiled in acres of buried bodies and the breeze babbled with our parents’ timorous voices. Like everyone else, I murdered mine. Mother’s eyes reflected the hunger that I felt… So I shattered the mirror that was her face. Her screams were like breaking glass– fragmented, crystalline. The village was cursed with cold barrenness but because of our sacrifices, the earth became fertile once again. It bore new a new [...]

Spring Finally Came-- a 100-word story from 100 Nightmares


Jim Tannion had no idea that this day would be any different than any other day. It began innocently enough and pretty much the same way every workday had started for the past few years. Getting up at six thirty for work had become a habit. As he walked out his apartment door he thought about how much be loved living downtown. He enjoyed having the freedom to walk to work [...]

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Deja Vu is done!

Six hundred years have passed and Kenny Trammell is prepared to ascend. Beliefs, hopes, dreams, and more are attached to his growth. Capping it all is a mate that Kenny would have never chosen for himself. His life is a living hell, and with all of his might, Kenny is powerless to change anything affecting him. When he decides to give up on everyone and run away from his reality, what he is, a supernatural link grows between him and his missing siblings. At that point, unable to escape from others, even himself, Kenny decides stake a territorial claim away [...]

Generations Series: Sacred Puppies

“This isn't fair,” I whispered between sobs. “I can’t say goodbye to him now. I love him too much.” “This is not goodbye forever. One day you will reunite with him again,” the female’s voice said as a warm, comforting touch caressed my back. I flew to my feet, fists balled, tears pouring out of my eyes, and turned to face the glowing woman. “How can you stand there and tell me one day Luka and I will reunite when we both know I’m not strong enough to survive the task I've been called to fulfill?” “I cannot foresee whether you survive or [...]

Never Forget the Past by Frantiska Oliver (I Love you more than life itself.)

"My heart bears witness to the gut wrenching agony of the thoughts of being hated by God. These torments are more fierce than death itself.Often, I found myself  pleading to the universe itself , to find a God, that would not hate me, as those who hated me without cause, brought my life to utter destruction.The silence of the violence cast my soul into a lost space where nothing existed but my longing to be loved by God just as the "good people" were. I wore the coat of my enemies shame. They crowned me with the horns of a goat. It [...]

The Jihad of My Soul: Excerpt from Silence of Violence By: Maryann D'Amico

CHAPTER 55 By mid-morning, Dietrich had packed his suitcase and awaited a 2 p.m. flight to London. Sitting in his hotel room in a navy silk suit, starched white shirt and pink and blue striped necktie, his fingers tapped madly at the keyboard of his laptop computer, a frantic effort to record his thoughts. An avalanche of scientific evidence and supporting facts complete with persuasive conclusions sprang from his mind and into a document soon to be known the world over as The Fitzgerald Files by Sebastian Dietrich. Culminating the efforts of centuries of work, Dietrich had proven what his predecessors could [...]

A Door Unlocked

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Never a truer statement has been made, and to the detriment of all known powers, Kenny Trammell has reached maturity. Some have sought to stint Kenny’s greatest strength, which was still yet to come. Through their efforts, many have fallen, and those remaining race to the Great Alpha for protection from a purveyor of savage annihilation. Kenny is forced to choose between protecting those running in fear and throning the prolific puppy-killer in his midst. Added to the goings-on, Kenny is also coming out. He is set to tell the world about… Alpha and [...]

Generations Series: Alpha and The King

As Alpha, Chatran would do anything for his Pack to survive. To further their ambitions, the Pack also needed to grow. For that to happen, Chatran needed an Omega. In sharing his spirit with his beloved Ka’ron, trying to do it right, he ultimately created the most dangerous and unpredictable creature the world would ever come to know. The Rise of Little Wolf – New Alpha Rising: Ascension Part II

New Alpha Rising Saga: Ascension Part II

It is said that ‘A man is less than a man without a good woman behind him’. That may be true, but Wynn isn’t a man. Try as he might, Wynn could not be what he wanted to be, neither was he what others thought him to be … until he met his eternal mate. When Cambrie met Wynn, he spoke a simple word, placing a mystical claim on her. She was defeated by love once before and was dead set against it ever again. Every man she had ever known sucked. But then, could she really resist the Apex?

The Citadel Series: Apex

Time: Tenth Grade I have been told that the first child is like the first pancake. It is always experimental, you almost always mess it up and you have to be ready to throw it away. Since I was the second child, that would mean that my parents were ready to do it right by the time I came along. However, in my family, this wasn’t the case. My older brother was considered perfect ever since I can remember. He was smart, good-looking and athletic, did well in school and always had a steady parade of girlfriends. He went to Princeton [...]

Future Past - Essay 6 - Cindy Barson

Hitchhiker by K.Z. Morano   “Ran away?” the driver asked. I wanted to tell him to fuck off but he was kind enough to give me a ride. I nodded. “Have you found salvation?” he asked. The speedometer quivered to ninety-five. “What the fuck…” I reached for the door but his heavy fist collided with my jaw. “It’s alright, son.” His eyes were vulturine, burning with zeal as he blabbered something about the Lord and lost sheep. “I’ve come to take you home…” Then I noticed the rosary made of fine hair and deciduous teeth and a shiny plastic crucifix dangling from the rearview mirror.   Find similar tales in 100 [...]

Hitchhiker -- a 100-word story