Blakely Bennett microcerpts

I slipped into the jacket and latched the repeating circles onto my wrist. The bottom of the coat stopped just where the broad lines of the dress changed from horizontal to vertical. “What do you think?” I asked Samantha. “You look stunning,” a deep male voice responded. I turned around and found Stay smiling at me. “Wow Stay,” Sam said before I could respond. “Looking mighty handsome. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this is a date.” Stayman looked sharp in his black dress pants, matching coat, and dark-gray dress shirt. I gazed at him but was at a loss for [...]

Bittersweet Deceit (Bound by Your Love Series, book two)

Red’s two-story home sat on the Intracoastal Waterway, allowing him to keep his boat right behind the house. Two guys I didn’t recognize sat at the wrought iron table by the pool, smoking cigarettes. “Hey Ray, Charlie, glad you could make it,” Red said, pausing but not releasing my hand. “Thanks for the invite. She’s a tiny one,” one of the guys said, tilting his head in my direction. “She makes up for it with a big mouth,” Red said with a smug expression. I tried to pull my hand out of his grip, but he held on so tight I had to use my [...]

Stuck in Between

“Me, too,” Jenna said, looking down at her blue jeans and sneakers. She tugged at her FIU sweatshirt. “I don’t know what we were thinking; Jack and I dressed for the weather here. We’re going to look ridiculous when we arrive and I expect we’ll be peeling off a few pieces of clothing pretty quick.” “I sure hope so,” Marc said as he scanned Jenna up and down. He winked and put his arm over her shoulders. Jenna felt a hot blast flush her cheeks and quickly said, “Jack’s farther up in the line now and it looks like we’re next,” she [...]

The Demarcation of Jack (Fractured Fidelities Trilogy) Ex. 1-C

  “Oh my gosh, you look so ready for Jamaica,” Jenna said as she approached Marc and Summer. “You like? I bought this outfit just for the trip over,” Summer said, swinging from side to side. She wore a multi-colored floor-length sarong with a slit up the side exposing her sexy, toned leg. The yellow fitted top and Panama straw hat completed her island look. She had creamy caramel skin and jet-black curly hair she let grow wild—a perfect blend of her Jewish mother and African American father. “I love it and you look stunning as always,” Jenna said. “Are you excited yet? I’m beside [...]

The Demarcation of Jack Ex. I-B

  “They’re here. Right over there,” Jenna said, pointing through the profusion of colorfully clad travelers. “I’m going over to speak to them. Save my place,” he said. “No, Jack. Let me find out what’s up. I don’t trust you—you’ll tell them everything and I’ll be uncomfortable the whole trip.” “Fine. Go, but be nice. It’s not their fault.” “I’ve not forgotten whose fault it is,” Jenna said over her shoulder as she jostled through the crowd. Jack felt an unexpected rush of emotion as his eyes followed Jenna threading her way through the labyrinth of stanchions and passengers. She appeared more beautiful to him now [...]

The Demarcation of Jack Excerpt 1-A