My new novel, A VAMPIRE'S EYES, is now available through Lulu.com in ebook, paperback, and hardcover formats. After I approve of the formats, upon reading each entrant, I will have the book available through Lulu.com, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble (and their Nook), Apple, and Kobi. In addition to this the novel will be available to many of the book publishers and bookstores throughout the industry. [AMAZON PRODUCTS ISBN # 978-1-312-59732-7 [...]



Thieves steal for profit or greed, but what do they gain when they rob a child of their innocence? Murderers kill for money, jealousy, power or religion, but what can the slaughter of a child’s trust offer them? Abusers mistreat for dominance, possession, or pleasure, but how can they be satisfied by beating away the child’s self-worth? All these questions, and then some, cross my mind as I stare into [...]

I See You by Frantiska Oliver... Haven's Revenge

An acrid smell filled the air.  At first Tyler could see nothing, but her eyes slowly became accustomed to the new darkness until she could make out dim shapes and forms.  She was cold from the armpits down, her hands and arms splayed outwards for some reason that she could not yet grasp.  Tyler had no inkling where her torch had ended up but knew one thing: Her left thigh [...]

The Thieves of Antiquity (book two of the Tyler May series)



Chapter Two 1977 In the early days of their marriage, disagreements were often about money. Freddie was used to earning her own, and Ken wanted her to stay home. His job was stressful. It soothed him to think of her there, making the place comfortable for them both. But she missed seeing the people who came through her line at the grocery store. Holly was gone, married and living in Minneapolis. Freddie hadn’t thought she’d feel her absence so keenly. What Holly took away with her were truths no one else shared. Freddie held those truths fast. Ken resented her long moments [...]

Title of Excerpt: What Is Found, What Is Lost, Chapter Two Excerpt

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Press Release for new app and Book

“That’s lovely, Honey. But, then why are you so opposed to the charities?” Dani grabbed her steno pad. “I honestly planned to support Mona Davenport’s organization, since she’s local. But, as a businesswoman, I always do my homework. What I found was appalling, so I looked into some others. The balance sheets I looked at prove most of these organizations spend a disproportionate percentage of donations on overhead, salaries, and awareness. I believe most women are aware of breast cancer already, so in my opinion those campaigns are nothing more than a form of self-promotion. A very small percentage of the [...]


THE VANISHING CORN MYSTERY A Short Story By Dutch Rhudy * Chapter Six Three days of heavy snowfall broke the short bitter cold spell. Hank used up most of the corn in the first bin. The two other bins are still level full and untouched. The only tracks in the snow led from the house to the barn and sheds. The sticky dots he placed on the locks were never tampered with, yet more corn was missing each day. The more he thought about his missing corn, the angrier he got. Hank sat at the table eating breakfast, peering outside through the center of a frost edged window [...]

The Vanishing Corn Mystery (06a)

Chapter One "The red one is mine," he said. I didn’t raise my head although instinct urged me to. Father had called me Red. He said I was born screaming, skin deep red like the beets in the garden and hair fiery like the setting sun. The man who spoke was not my father. I glanced at him from beneath my cloak’s hood. Arrogant in his size and superior mass, his eyes picked me out of the writhing mass of captives. Early morning sunlight glinted off plain armor and an unadorned helm, yet the unwashed barbarians treated him with the respect due a [...]

Duty - First Novel of Rhynan

Charles left the house five minutes after his wife, and heard sirens blasting through the rainy morning. Strobe lights flashed ahead in the distance. His route became a bottleneck as Denver police officers directed traffic along the only lane not blocked by emergency vehicles, and pedestrians. It wasn’t until he drove close by the ambulance that he recognized the wreckage was his wife’s vehicle. He pulled off the road, and ran toward the awful scene. He could see his wife slumped in the front seat, held in place only by the seatbelt. The airbag had deployed, and was deflating over the front [...]


The Sea Speaks by: K.Z. Morano   One night, the fat-faced moon sat terrifyingly close as if it meant to devour us all. People went out of their houses, seemingly hypnotized… tears streaming, lips moving together in sacred chorus. I screamed. Because I couldn’t hear a thing. I watched helplessly as everyone held hands and walked together to embrace the sea, meeting their ecstatic end… leaving me behind. Sometimes, I imagine the waves are spirits speaking to me in small terrified whispers. Escaping souls slap against the shore and slip away reluctantly, leaving behind foamy fingerprints… like something out there keeps dragging them back against their will.   from 100 [...]

The Sea Speaks -- a 100-word story from 100 Nightmares

With shape-shifting abilities, Haven sets out on a path of revenge against child predators, while she searches for the monster who ripped away her innocence, murdered her trust and abused her body. Hoping one day she will come eye to eye with the man who stole from her the only thing that cannot be given back or replaced. But, when she discovers Cassidy and her mysterious Uncle Bryce, Haven’s world of secrecy is exposed. Her solitude life is challenged and the protective walls she built around her scarred heart begin to crumble. Tossing her into uncharted territory and reminding her [...]

I See You by Frantiska Oliver

As a young man, a few years out of high school, he worked on a ranch near Midland, Texas branding the spring’s first bunch of young bulls before castrating them. Every day, an old Ford flat bed truck pulled up at noon. A short, heavy, light skinned Mexican woman routinely got out and began preparing chow for the hungry ranch hands. Helping her was her daughter, Nella. She couldn’t have been more than fourteen years old. She was always clad in worn faded jeans and boots that had seen better days. He remembered that her hair was always braided in [...]

From the Chapter "Nella"

“You use to tell me that I was too young for you Wayne and that you didn’t think of me as someone you would ask on a date. What do you think now?” she spoke in a soft contented tone. “I think it’s different now Nell. You are the prettiest girl I’ve ever known and you aren’t the same now. I have watched you change before my eyes. Nella, I have wanted you for a long time now.” That’s when Wayne leaned over and pressed his lips against hers. Her mouth parted slowly allowing their tongues to meet. She felt his strong [...]

Wayne and Nella