Spring Finally Came by: K.Z. Morano   Spring finally came… I toiled in acres of buried bodies and the breeze babbled with our parents’ timorous voices. Like everyone else, I murdered mine. Mother’s eyes reflected the hunger that I felt… So I shattered the mirror that was her face. Her screams were like breaking glass– fragmented, crystalline. The village was cursed with cold barrenness but because of our sacrifices, the earth became fertile once again. It bore new a new [...]

Spring Finally Came-- a 100-word story from 100 Nightmares


Jim Tannion had no idea that this day would be any different than any other day. It began innocently enough and pretty much the same way every workday had started for the past few years. Getting up at six thirty for work had become a habit. As he walked out his apartment door he thought about how much be loved living downtown. He enjoyed having the freedom to walk to work [...]

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Hitchhiker by K.Z. Morano   “Ran away?” the driver asked. I wanted to tell him to fuck off but he was kind enough to give me a ride. I nodded. “Have you found salvation?” he asked. The speedometer quivered to ninety-five. “What the fuck…” I reached for the door but his heavy fist collided with my jaw. “It’s alright, son.” His eyes were vulturine, burning with zeal as he blabbered something about the Lord and lost sheep. “I’ve come to take you home…” Then I noticed the rosary made of fine hair and deciduous teeth and a shiny plastic crucifix dangling from the rearview mirror.   Find similar tales in 100 [...]

Hitchhiker -- a 100-word story

the owl came Hoot-hollering into the night, flashing wintery scenes. Illuminated-misty moon-light, colors dashed in evergreens. Who answers to your call; of a death and renewal; whose getting on with it all through natural accrual? Carrying in silence on her wings of hope, intuits your sought guidance, beyond any imaginal scope. With clarity in the message, feelings of fulfilled desire, when upon your id impresses, then all that you want, is what you acquire. - click for more http://www.thesunthemoonthestarsandmaya.com/2014/11/the-owl-came/ Get you daily meds - Maya’s Daily Meds a special app for apple and android devices - Get yours today. learn more here -  http://www.thesunthemoonthestarsandmaya.com/mayas-daily-meds/   Maya's Daily Meds has arrived - Get it Today!                           Click Picture

the owl came

Countless years ago, measured in thousands, the Gods came first. Monstrous creations were born of their frivolity. Like the Gods, some of the creations were peaceful, others not. Their duty to preserve the earth completed once more, however, the day came that the Gods had to leave earth. Unleashed and with loose regulation, the abominable creations left behind multiplied. In their midst, another conception came to be, and his kind would exist absolutely outside of the God’s purview.

Three #Packs, three #Realms, three series.

The township of Harmony in Northern California could be like any small town in America, but it isn’t. Like in most small towns secrets are desperately tried to be kept and the Harmony forest is the keeper of many secrets. For Dillon Howell moving to Harmony with his parents gives him a new chance to fit in and make new friends. If just being a teenager isn’t enough of a challenge for Dillion, being a Werewolf presents its own set of challenges. As Dillion and his family settle into the normal day-to-day life at home and at school the supernatural forces in [...]

Welcome To Harmony - by Dan Trumpis

A Secret in Ash Brooke by Dutch Rhudy Summary: A small town detective agreed to mentor a local newspaper reporter, who wished to enhance his sleuthing hobby. In the process of improving his observational skills, the reporter scrutinized various citizens torso and behavior. As his facial recognition abilities increased, he grew more aware of subtle similarities and differences. The reporter soon became intrigued with an exceptional physical likeness between two young women. Each portray different cultures, and appear nothing alike in manner of dress, or in their separate lifestyles. The reporter, convinced they must be twins, maintained a constant vigil on his suspects. He befriended [...]

A Secret in Ash Brooke (01a)

Time: Seventh Grade Just before we moved to the suburbs, my parents took us out to what was going to be our new neighborhood to take a look around. We went up to a park called the Grange to meet some of the kids from our block. Standing by the sandbox was a really cute dark-haired girl with bangs and crutches. She had a cast on her leg and her arm and wasn’t managing very well. My mom took me up to her and introduced her as Dina Green. I asked her how she got hurt and she told me that [...]

Future Past - Essay 5 - Dina Green

After about twenty minutes of walking, the corridor took a sharp ninety-degree turn. The wall to the left of them ended a few yards into the new section, replaced by a system of carved marble columns which reached from floor to ceiling and were connected to each other by an elegant marble railing approximately three feet high. Up ahead, Wolfsbane could clearly see the staircase to the chamber below, and past the barrier to his left lay the fourth checkpoint. That chamber was enormous, with walls of reddish-brown stone and a ceiling which looked to be maybe forty feet high. The [...]

Wolfie Star-Runner Plays with Hellfire (The Star-Runner Chronicles, Book 2)

Junium 15, 1043   Wolfsbane never went back into town to get his belongings. As far as he was concerned, those things belonged to an entirely different person. In his mind, he was no longer Wolfsbane Bendis, an X-5 werewolf hunter. Now, he was merely Wolfsbane, a doomed soul on a path that, no mater what he did, would lead to his demise. It had already been two days since he had been cursed. His wounds had healed at a truly inhuman pace and the instincts of a wild animal had begun to awaken within him. His sense of smell had enhanced [...]

The Rebirth and Awakening of Wolfie Star-Runner (The Star-Runner Chronicles, Book 1)

The Price of Youth by K.Z. Morano I was a rotting fruit… fattening flies… waiting to be harvested by death. I stared at the mirror as the maggots of old age consumed me. Skin, sinew, skeleton, soul… Then the peddler came, with his potion and persuasive tongue. It seemed like a fair price at the time. After all, what need have I for toes… Or posterior teeth… Or ovaries… They’re easily concealed. Three wealthy husbands later, he returned. “Fear not, Madame,” he chitchatted as he severed my leg. “Long skirts are fashionable these days.” I opened my mouth to scream… and silence exploded within the tongueless cavity.   Find similar tales in 100 Nightmares [...]

The Price of Youth -- a 100-word story

V.P of Sales Todd Hastings spoke a few words of praise for the new research team, and then handed the microphone over to a beaming Mona Davenport. “Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the press, it’s an honor to be part of this innovative new program. With your help,” she waved her arm across the room, “I am confident we will soon have the funding needed to carry this groundbreaking research through to it’s end goal. Prevention.” “You know…” she paused for effect, walking across the stage, “it’s been my life’s work, since loosing my dear mother to this horrendous disease, to find [...]