As the magic cleared, in the place of the night-black horse stood a young man with shaggy black hair and deep brown eyes. His ears were gently pointed and the resemblance to the being sitting on the fence was remarkable. "I'm thinking you have it bad, brother mine."   Reece looked at his half brother with eyes that held more maturity than any of the fey kindred ever choose to show. "How [...]

The Traveler


I am not a lover I am a marred bird Yeah! I am a marred bird I fly near the pond of smiles Very beautiful lawn of love Striking eyes touch my soul Yeah really!! But I am not a lover My lonely hectic nights Spend like a defeated soldier Every light destroys myself as sun rises But I am not a lover He gets the layer of my feelings And pretends like a beautiful dream Yeah like a dream! Which can never fulfill But I [...]

I am not a lover


Cassie approached the short Fae and said in the Fae language. “I’m Cassie, how can I help you?” The Duergar female let out a howl as if someone held a hot iron to her feet and raked her taloned finger tips down her face. “LAAADDDY!!!! I am ruined!! Ruined! Mallaidh will starve this winter! Nothing is left! He took everything!” Cassie put her arms around the weeping Fae and looked at the [...]

Just Say No To Drugs...Even In Fairie ~Taken By The Huntsman~



The Viking ship called ‘Steed of the Sea’ sailing in the cold dark waters in the foreground of tall glaciers under a foreboding sky on the cover is just the beginning. Whether you sat under the history lessons of Columbus discovering America or are more adventurous in your approach to history and have a yearning to know who was here when Columbus arrived and where did they come from, ‘The Settlers’ is a tale that should be on a mandatory reading list in all schools in order to provoke thought and discussion on native North America in the latter half of [...]

Cold Coffee Press Book Review For The Settlers: An Axe Of Iron Novel – by J. A. Hunsinger

Hezekiah Birnbaum was one of the most notorious gangsters in East Jerusalem. A product of the Russian Mob in Moscow, he migrated to Israel in the ‘80s and became part of the financial revolution that allowed new arrivals from around the world to invest in the Holy Land. Making millions through a lucrative loansharking operation, he soon expanded his network into the Palestinian black market. He established a buffer system so intricate that Shin Bet barely knew he existed. His name had come up once or twice when investigations were conducted over illegal building projects along the West Bank. Only [...]

"Philistia" - A Sneak Preview!

Man tends to treat all his opinions as principles. – Herbert Agar Whatever the numerator you are the denominator - rich okun Its so easy to confuse, so easy to forget, our power to choose without feeling regret. Our opinions, and thoughts, our emotions, & things taught. Our beliefs and our naughts and all the battles we fought. For everything that we are is seen through this formula. Whatever the numerator you are the denominator. http://www.thesunthemoonthestarsandmaya.com/2014/12/the-formula/   Get something special for your loved ones this year - come look at books, apps, prints, products and more for the heart, the mind, and the soul - http://www.thesunthemoonthestarsandmaya.com/special-purchase-page/

The Formula

The Hunt (Mike Greystone, Book 1) It was a completely normal day, like any other day. Parents were dropping their kids off at school and chatting with the parents of other children in the parking lot. Nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly, it was as if all hell had broken loose. Terrified people were running all over the place. There was thick black smoke hovering over the school building, St. Brigid School, which was located in the affluent suburbs of Pittsburgh. Children and parents were cowering for shelter in the school parking lot. The rhythmic sound of an automatic gun could be [...]

The Hunt (Mike Greystone, Book 1)

Rushing air screams past my ears. I’m falling. My arms and legs flail as I plunge downward. I can’t stop myself. I panic as I watch the blue sky and clouds flash past me. I’m helpless. The air disappears, and cold, dark water envelops me. I open my eyes, but I can’t see — everything is murky and dark. I try to push up, but I don’t know which way that is. I can’t breathe. The water is crushing my chest. I have an uncontrollable urge to take a deep breath, but if I do I know I’ll inhale the ocean. Hands [...]

Awakening the Mobster, Mobster Series Book #2

Background Job 12:7-8 - But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Where is Nebraska? The measure lies in locating Chicago and Denver, then calculating the midpoint between the two. There exists land called the Rainwater Basin. To find the remains of the best basins requires a calling, the calling to understand the startling dependency of life. In the heart of the United States the last of the Hayman lineage, Chance [...]

The Naturalists Chapter 1

The following is a Microcerpt from - fittingly - Chapter 13 of The Epitaph of Jonas Barloff. "Epitaph" is my first book, a horror/mystery, published in March of 2013. As the chapter opens, Marc's pick-up has rolled to a stop beside an old family cemetery in the countryside. The engine refuses to start. His friend, Angela, is summoned. He awaits her arrival... Marc returned the cell phone to his belt and huddled low in the seat, his nerves bristling.  The unsettling darkness fueled his anxiety as dark clouds extinguished the light of the moon.  As he sat in surreal silence, the fever pitch [...]

Excerpt from Chapter 13 - The Epitah of Jonas Barloff

Jillian bowed her head in acceptance and followed the Erlking out of the castle. He quickly donned his armor and gave instructions to his steward. His each-uisge was waiting for him, saddled and ready, in the courtyard. “Where is your mount, Jillian, we must leave?” “He is here, my lord.”   Jillian lifted Patches out of her bag and the little black and white bunny regarded her with love. He looked around himself and immediately knew what his Sidhe friend needed. Jillian would have sworn her little bunny friend winked at her before he started to grow and a sound from the Erlking [...]

How Often Does A Rabbit Get To Join The Wild Hunt? ~Taken By The Huntsman~

**Warning--This book contains strong sexual content, adult language, rape, and violence. It is intended for readers over the age of 18.** ~ This book can be read as a stand alone and does have a Happily Ever After ~ After growing up with Ryder, Harley never expected one night to change everything between them. The line between friends and lovers blurred but she didn't want to risk their friendship. She expected her freshman year of college to be hectic, fun, exciting, and for it to give her the opportunity to meet new people. What Harley never expected was to meet Hunter, [...]


**Warning** This book contains strong sexual content, strong adult language, and domestic violence. But it does have a happily ever after…no cliffhanger. Sydney and her best friend Theresa are enjoying their Junior year of college. When Sydney’s boyfriend breaks up with her she becomes the target of the star quarterback. After some convincing from her best friend, she finally agrees to go on one date with the sexiest guy on campus. Ronnie Thomas, star quarterback, has a dark past. No matter how hard he tries, his past always comes back and creates problems in every relationship. He wants things to be [...]