“The Tale Of Thisbe An Extraordinary Cat” chronicles the first eight years of a spunky and inquisitive cat named Thisbe. Mama Pumpkin and her kittens live with Stan in a house filled with wild college boys. Stan, a quiet music major, makes sure his cat Pumpkin and her brood are safe in his room. Thisbe and Mama sit on Stan’s windowsill daily. Here the young kitten learns all about the [...]

My Tale of an Entraordinary Cat Named Thisbe

"The Tale Of Thisbe An Extraordinary Cat" by Terri Cabral is an enchanting story about a spunky little cat named Thisbe. She is lovingly adopted by Ana, an aspiring actress. Thisbe is excited about a new adventure but is anxious about leaving her Mama. She leaves the warmth of her Mama in the arms of Ana and begins her adventure. Ana brings Thisbe to her apartment where Thisbe meets the local [...]

The story of Thisbe - an entraordinary cat


How far would you go to make your dreams come true? For budding writer and filmmaker Noah Spaeth, being a Production Assistant in director Dominick's Bambach's new avant-garde film isn't enough. Neither is watching Dominick have an affair with the lead actress, the gorgeous but troubled Nevie Wyeth. For Noah's dream is to get both the film and Nevie in the end, whatever the cost. And this obsession may soon [...]

Slow Down by Lee Matthew Goldberg



Samantha Jones has always had to suffer from the constant emotional abuse from her past relationships. When she finally breaks away from another emotionally abusive relationship, she meets Aleron Savoi. Aleron is a mystery, who brings with him passion that will ignite a long dead flame inside her. Yet, she knows nothing about him and his secretive past suddenly makes an uninvited appearance. When Samantha feels the eyes of the dark forest on her at night, she realizes that her watcher comes in the form of a ominous white wolf. There is a deadly obsession forming in this wolf's eyes, and [...]

The Stalker at Night

Violet Carmen, the sole care giver to her mother, has just been dealt an unlucky blow. After her mother's funeral, she finds out that her greedy sister has inherited the majority of her mother's estate. Unemployed and homeless, she finds a wanted ad for a secretary position to a Mr. Drake Fairfax. Yet, this new job opportunity is not at all what it seems. Violet is soon thrown into a surprise arranged marriage to a man that she barely knows, and who has a deadly secret. As the romancing and passionate nights between them progress, the shadows of the nights [...]

Romancing a Werelion Husband

I always write on my second novel, “Ugly People Can't Dance,” as much as I possibly can. I am not “fixed” on that Title, though, because I am using “Ugly People,” and “Dance,” again. Why? The, “To Dance with Ugly People,” story carries on and you met my main character, “Niecy,” in, “To Dance with Ugly People,” plus I have a slight fear of those who don't get the concept of Ugly People nor the Dance. Reading Jenny's Blog, I related completely to her use of “knitting,” As she states, “We all have techniques that we feel comfortable with and come [...]

Do you understand the concept of, “Ugly People,” and/or the “Dance” of Life?”

"Willy, Lilly, Silly, I am a Frog." Here's a frog story that I'm sure every parent will enjoy reading to their child and is easy enough, not to mention enjoyable for all ages. This story has a poetic theme to it, and you literary can feel how enjoyable it is to hop along with this slimy, green, lovable frog. So, as the little frog says, come one and all and jump along with him in this carefree, but, enjoyable story.

Jumpidy, Jump, Frog

In Carlington, a parallel universe, where shape-shifters and other magical creatures co-exist among humans, there is an unlikely romance brewing between two very different individuals. Joanna, a temp, has already experienced the painful heartbreak of betrayal and is looking for an enticing love with someone who will, not just accept her, but love her. Wyatt, a successful werewolf, has invested all his time in his business. Yet, now, he's looking for his true mate. What both don't know is that finding that perfect someone, can be as simple as turning on their computer and logging into a special dating site. [...]

The Date

It starts with a body, disappearing from the morgue: It's just another night for Homicide detective Genevieve Freemen. Yet, the only problem is, that her whole night is about to be turned upside down. It starts with a body, disappearing from the morgue... When Genevieve thought that matters couldn't get any more strange, or, for that matter, worse, her whole world takes a turn from rational to irrational in just one horrifying night. If her life couldn't get anymore complicated, Genevieve then meets Cirpian Alexandru; a handsome Romanian, whose past is about to drag Genevieve into a world of darkness. [...]

The Alexandru Chronicles: The Beginning

In the darkness of night, Jolene Conner, wakes from the horrible nightmares that she's experiencing. She sees a young woman, identical to herself, being murdered. The culprit maybe recognizable to the woman, but Jolene, herself, knows nothing of who this murderous stranger could be. The only relief she has is the pleasurable arrival of McFadden Ackerman. Even though she knows him in her dream, she knows nothing about his past. She may feel a strong attraction to him, but she's unsure of his intentions. Is he responsible for the woman's death? The answer to this question, could be her demise.

The Dream Man of my Fantasies

THE SONGS OF PETER SLIADEK by Henry Lion Oldie (historical adventure fantasy novel with some poetry; consists of 12 novelettes) CHAPTER NINE An Island that Is Always with You   A bridge between the spirit and the world, a key to the lock of all knowledge, a bodily reflection of the soul in the tiniest salty, crimson corpuscles, an emanation of the mind—this is what flows in your veins, oh naive folk! Try and taste it: different juices flow in the veins of those who are insane and those who are wise. And the more blood is lost in vain, the more does reason leave us. Antonio della [...]

An Island that Is Always with You (The Songs of Peter Sliadek Book 9)

""My little sister, Clare, is really weird. She believes that wearing her shoes on the wrong feet, is like walking in someone else's shoes..." Clare is a very normal, fun loving, little girl. Okay, she may enjoy wearing her shoes on the wrong feet. Yet, besides that unique little quirk, there is, this little child who enjoys life and the little problems that are thrown into the mix. Her family and friends may find her odd, but if they gave her, unusual, behavior, a chance, they could learn a lot from her; a life's lesson, that could help them a [...]

The Girl Who Wore Her Shoes on the Wrong Feet