“I choose you.” As the words whisper over my lips, Kieran looks at me in shock. He murmurs disbelievingly, “Say it again.” I feel the dark shadows, which always push and prod into me whenever I am with Kieran lean closer, invading my space, as I say it again. “I choose you, Kieran. I love you.” He smiles. The smile lights up his face even here in the darkness where we are huddled [...]

ForNever (Volume 1)


A Secret in Ash Brooke – Chapter Fifteen Continued – “Oh, you can word it any way you want Martin. Helps to know the whole story; dad would always say.” “Before I forget again, I’m curious about a particular car, the Saxon Roadster.” “Long story behind that deal Martin. Rosie won the amateur show, brought the house to their feet she did. A fifteen minute standing ovation.” “So she won a prize?” “Oh. What? No, [...]

A Secret in Ash Brooke (15b)


I Passed This Way is a second printing of a book of published poetry descriptive of the four seasons. It takes you through a winter wonderland, a spring rebirth, summer fantasies and the vivid colors of autumn.   The dedication is a poem to Babcock Lake, a special place in the Grafton Mountains to live and visit. {AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=978-1614682769}

I Passed This Way



Planet Hades - Nu2 Lupi Star System (Part 6 of 8) “You aren’t going anywhere,” Peter said. “You have a starship. We want to leave. We’re taking it.” Aason stared at the barrel of the rifle closest to him. He didn’t want to hurt these people but he had to go. “You can’t threaten me,” Aason said. “You have no idea of what I’m capable of.” “I know you’re human,” Peter said. “That means you bleed.” Aason started breathing heavier. This was making him angry. “Go ahead. Either of you. Shoot me.” “Huh?” Brace said. “Shoot me!” Aason commanded. “We don’t want to,” Peter said. “We just want [...]

The K'val Kidnapping - Part 6 of 8

Chapter 2 THE MONDAY AFTER TRINITY SUNDAY, Abner and Josiah traveled to forest land owned by Calvin Deirks, the church head elder. Calvin, an astute man, now owned several farms in the area, which nicely supported his growing family. He, his wife, and three of his five boys worked the seven farms around the small stream draining to the West Branch of the Conococheague, a tributary of the Potomac River. The more land Calvin cleared the more acres he owned to pass on to his sons. Water for the Deirks Farms came from the clear-running streams fed by springs in the [...]

The Naturalists - A Historical Novel of the Hayman Family Chapter 2

1 Dark Eyes Carra I can feel him watching me, the man with the incredible dark eyes. But for some reason, I don’t want him to know. He sits alone, hidden in the shadow of the trees. Why does he sit back there all alone? I ponder. There are plenty of empty seats out from under the trees where he could socialize. But from what I perceived when he strolled by earlier, he really doesn’t come across like the talkative type…more like the quiet “I want to take you home and screw you till dawn” type—no questions asked. I bet one touch would leave anyone burning forever. He is tall, real [...]

Lover's Curse

It is serious business for Detective Doug Milligan of the Rocky Bluff P.D. when a student from Santa Barbara College named Veronica Randall disappears from her idling Toyota Prius parked in her grandmother’s driveway. Items left behind along with a new clue emerges when the neighbor Mrs. Doris Jarvis tell officers everything she can about the sedan speeding by the house earlier that morning. The investigation revs up and the list of possible suspects grow as inquiries into college and work acquaintances begin. The ex-boyfriend Bryan Franklin is an interesting lead and so is a possible stalker from Veronica’s high school [...]

Violent Departures – by F. M. Meredith

There are four books in the Heaven’s series that were written consecutively through 2006, being Heaven’s Child, Heaven’s World, Heaven’s Kingdom, and Heaven’s Spirit. They are designed to show you how we can become the kind of people God wishes us to be. By showing you our family as an example, you can see how much we needed to learn, and how the process of our changing affected change in the people around us. There are no such things as coincidences in life. Everything in our lives is orchestrated to help us straighten out the karmic issues we bring into [...]

Heaven's Kingdom: Book Three of the Heaven's Series

A Secret in Ash Brooke – Chapter Twelve Continued –  A broken feather hung down, and stuck forward out-of-place. The feather protruded from the far side of the curtain, before the back of the fan was hidden. There is no way a switch takes place behind this curtain. He also discerned the fan did not jiggle, as it would if handed off from one person to another. The fan moved behind the curtain in one continuous smooth motion. Rosie was in complete sight up to the solo, and her later exit between the separated tiers. Ella no longer met with Martin for access to [...]

A Secret in Ash Brooke (12b)

Chapter 4 HE STARTED THE NEXT LEG of his journey in the early morning light, taking advantage of changing sunlight angles. Work dominated his life over the past five years, leaving little time for his hobby. The cameras felt good: dimpled surfaces, cool chrome, and hushed shutters. He draped the digital around his neck and stepped forth into what he hoped might be a peaceful, renewed life. Sights in the camera viewfinder overrode the sounds of the I-84 traffic. The massive canyon walls displayed Earth’s ever-present power. He caressed the shutter release button bringing the ancient basaltic layers into focus. Shadows and [...]

Deadly Circles Chapter 4a

A Secret in Ash Brooke – Chapter Fourteen Continued – In his apartment, someone slid an unmarked envelope under the door. It is Tyler’s moving out notification. “Dear Mr. Hurston; I hate to leave the best manager from whom I have ever leased. I opened a new restaurant on the north side, at the loop, and found a large apartment up on Oak Road, by the bridge. Nowhere near like the deal you gave, but I can walk to work from there. I am giving you an extra two-weeks notification, so you may find a new tenant before I leave. I will [...]

A Secret in Ash Brooke (14b)

‘He's Mine!’ by Bernadette Y. Connor is a romance that begins as a chance meeting in an elevator, turns into an adventurous pursuit, infatuation, intrigue, romance, jealousy, stalking and attempted murder. All the elements that keep the reader tuning the page and creates caution in the minds of single hearts looking for love. Two main characters from different backgrounds bring their own history and unique circumstances to the story. Miles Alexander is an attorney from a wealthy family. He is tall, dark, handsome and carefree with a giant Doberman named Roman. His good looks, money and carefree lifestyle makes him a [...]

He's Mine! - by Bernadette Y. Connor

Wade leaned closer maintaining eye contact. “Are you thinking about saying yes?” Melissa felt the full-force of his presence and leaned backward. As she did, her crutch slipped from her hand and she listed sideways onto her weaker right leg. Wade reached out and wrapped his arms around her. She found herself held tightly to his chest, his face only inches away from her own. “Melissa, all you had to do was say yes. No need to fall for me, too.” His whispered words held a teasing humor. Feeling confused and embarrassed, she put her hand on his chest to give herself some [...]

Waiting a Lifetime