Stephen F. Kaufman, author of the best-selling version of Musashi's Book of Five Rings, among many others, has written Cherry Blossoms for Children - Life Lessons to Grow By, a collection of tales revolving around the teachings of Mokubei (Mo-coo-bay), a wise man, and the everyday life experiences he encounters with his young friend, Tomo-san. Along with various characters in the collection, the tales are told with wit and humor, [...]

Cherry Blossoms for Children - Life Lessons to Grow By


The Elusive Smoking Gun Summary:  Within the confines of a highly secured area, a sniper kills the state senator.  The police apprehend the suspect in under three minutes.  Successful in his devious plan to hide the rifle; the killer waited on a bench, and showed no sign of fleeing.  An extended search by the FBI failed to locate the murder weapon.  With no evidence to hold him, the sniper walked.  The [...]

The Elusive Smoking Gun (04a)


My Mindscapes short story collection was released as an audiobook last week and can be downloaded free of charge with an Audible free one-month trial subscription. The book retails for $14.95 and is also available from Amazon and iTunes. A sample preview file is also accessible from the Audible, iTunes and Amazon sites. The book is also available in paperback and in all major eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes and [...]

Mindscapes Audiobook of Short Stories Just Published



The receptionist gave Jordan a frosty stare. “Dr. Petersen is on rotation tonight.” “I want to talk to him as soon as he is available.” “And you are . . . ?” she asked pointedly. “Tell him Jordan Walker wants to talk to him. I’m Ms. Morelli’s employer, and she was injured on my premises.” Without pausing for a response, Jordan turned his back on the woman and strode across the waiting room. The walls had been painted an institutional green. Various medical posters were tacked about randomly—warnings concerning AIDS and HIV, posters declaring the community medical center to be a safe-haven for unwanted [...]

Chapter two scene one

Muddy Water… Down a rutted country road from my childhood home five miles or so, the muddy Flint Creek flowed south unhurriedly slow. I could not have been over five or six, when I walked that road, but never without carrying a big stick. I carried that stick with eyes open wide, cause daddy said, if a rattlesnake bit you… you might die. In the summer, I would go there every day skipping and hopping along; I would jump from that rickety old bridge into that muddy water; before the sun went down I would go home. Daddy never wondered where I had gone, everyone [...]

Muddy Water...

Gingerboy by K.Z. Morano   When Martha said she had a bun in the oven, I was overjoyed. But when I saw that ginger hair, I knew he wasn’t mine. One afternoon, I took Gingerboy to the farm. My half-baked excuse for a son limped after me, puppy-eyed, eager to please. It sickened me. That night, Martha wept, thinking he’d ran away. She worried about wolves in the woods but I knew he didn’t make it past the pigpen. Gingerboy couldn’t even run. Disgusting. I watched as hungry hogs devoured the insult to my manhood limb from limb, a quarter gone… half gone… all gone…   from 100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano [...]

Gingerboy — a 100-word story from 100 NIGHTMARES

WADE LINWOOD WAS a synesthete, his mind's eye larger than any. With senses keener than all the animals that ever lived, shapes had colors for him, words took physical form, and feelings had greater consequences than anyone could imagine. Yet when he heard the call that crossed the centuries, would he recognize it? Would he want to know?   ~ W ~   WADE drove under the Long Island Railroad overpass and joined Woodbury Road at just over the speed limit of forty miles per hour as he did every day on his way to work. His throat seized up when he saw the [...]

Wade of Aquitaine

This is a very short video presentation of the Painting and poem called Little Birdie. For more information please go to www.thesunthemoonthestarsandmaya.com   and check out Maya's Daily Meds - a unique app - free download - for iphone, ipads and soon Android. visit http://www.thesunthemoonthestarsandmaya.com/mayas-daily-meds/ for more information

Little Birdie video

THE SONGS OF PETER SLIADEK by Henry Lion Oldie (historical adventure fantasy novel with some poetry; consists of 12 novelettes) CHAPTER TWO The Ballade of the Twins   The inscrutability of God’s ways grants us a great blessing—the blessing of doubt. For where there is no doubt, there is no faith; where there is no doubt, there is no knowledge; where there is no doubt, there is no mercy. Yet still; how nice it would be not to experience that tormenting feeling of splitting in two! Standing is easier than running; being whole is simpler than being shattered into pieces. I do sincerely hope that there [...]

The Ballade of the Twins (The Songs of Peter Sliadek Book 2)

Chapter 2 SHE STARED AT THE MAN in front of her. “Mr. Hand, hello …” CJ Hand looked up at the woman seated behind the large walnut desk. He stared at her, painfully focusing on her face. “Sorry Doctor Andersen, I wandered off.” “CJ, we’ve been at this for three months.” She leaned back in her dark-brown leather chair.      “What are you thinking?” “I wasn’t thinking—I was rerunning why the hell I did what I did.” Dr. Andersen placed an elbow on the padded armrest, raised a slender hand, rested her chin between thumb and forefinger and thoughtfully pursed her lips. The hushed sound of [...]

Deadly Circles - A CJ Hand Novel Chapter 2 (partial)

The individual self is an actor, life is the stage; we are masters of our emotions capable of expressing self-assurance, joy and rage. There is a hidden self, living deep within the forest of life, one that we prefer not to show, it is only the image of strength and confidence that we truly choose to expose. It is during the times of valleys and peaks, darkness and fear; that we wear a mask, we masquerade keeping emotions hidden in the forest of our souls, yet within sight and near. The landscape of ourselves guides us to better places, and it is the [...]

The Tapestry of Life…

A Greener Earth by K.Z. Morano   The moss spread between her thighs like a strange infection. She lay in the greenhouse where she had been embraced by the gargantuan flower a fortnight ago… its stamen bulging, throbbing in a monstrous erection, filling her tormented womb with the seed that will refurbish the earth. She cried in transcendent pleasure and pain as rank weeds and serpentine vines sprouted from her flesh, creating new orifices. The hell-born vegetation crept towards the panoramas of filth to feed. They painted the world anew… their mother, along with everyone else, soon diminished into vibrant smears of red across a verdant sea.   from [...]

A Greener Earth -- a 100-word story from 100 NIGHTMARES

The Diner by K.Z. Morano   Someone blew his head off with a shotgun. He tried piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of meat. Brain bits slipped from his fingers like fidgety worms. “Stop.” the waitress seethed . “The murder… the pain… that’s all we need to remember. Unless you wanna take the EXIT.” She pointed towards the flickering neon sign. It’s a gash in the universe where the dead crawl in… once they decide to forget. Every day, the diners feed on anger, fattening their souls with thoughts of vengeance. Every day, at dawn, unfortunate travelers walk in, just in time as the diners relive the slaughter.   from 100 Nightmares by [...]

The Diner — a 100-word story from 100 NIGHTMARES