The doctor sat, poised at the edge of his chair, watching me. He appeared to want to help. … If only he could. “I suppose if I am to tell you the story of my life,” I said, “I should start at the very beginning. So, here it is:” I was born Jason O’Dell. My birth father was an Indian chief in the Chickasaw nation named Katominko. That’s all I know about [...]

The Vampire's Journals by MJ Henry


Visitors by K.Z. Morano Beneath the aching moon,she sighs as I read the poetry of her thighs... Fingernail tracing syllables, I tap on her fragile spot and the veins beneath her skin become visible like cracks on glass. Once severed, they’re like moist lips, gaping, sputtering… as if dying to say something. I peel her body from the floor. Her head adorns the door like a grotesque knocker, mouth agape in a perpetual roar, as if to ward off visitors. Still, they come pouring in, intrigued [...]

Visitors -- a 100-word story


Donna Faye and her gang members were experts at crafting and using shanks.  I witnessed their expertise in the prison yard one afternoon shortly after I was transferred to Marysville.  One young smart-mouth African American inmate named Whitney called Donna Faye a fat ass ugly dyke, and the war was on.  Donna Faye and her prison gang immediately circled Whitney like a pack of wild dogs and then Donna Faye [...]

Beatrice Belladonna's Black Magic Web - 13



“My condolences, my dear. I hear your husband has taken ill. It must be a trial to see such a fine gentleman unwell and abed. I hope it isn’t the grippe? My great aunt Matilda suffered with that malady only last year, and it fair did her in, poor thing. She hasn’t been the same since.” Sunbeams sprinkled through the window and scattered prettily over the china as Mrs. Millicent Grey nodded over her tea, and feigned the expected air of sadness and commiseration for her guest, Mrs. Rowley. The third attendee—Millicent’s companion, Jane—demurely smiled and nodded. They gathered in Mrs. [...]

Killers and Demons II: They Return by A. F. Stewart

This is Spider Bramble and my co-anchor, Aurora Gossamer, coming to you with information and updates about the latest buzz in Fairyland. Our top stories... There is a manhunt on for the First Little Pig, in connection with a tragic domestic incident that left the other two Pig brothers butchered. A late night dispute, over what seems to have been long simmering family grievances, went terribly wrong, resulting in the stabbing death of two of the brothers Pig. Goldilocks was back in court today, on yet another break and enter charge. Claims of her reformed behavior—made after her incarceration due to the [...]

Fairy Tale Fusion by A. F. Stewart

Henry Lion Oldie   The Eighth Circle of Subway (short story, science fiction, action, post-apocalyptic)   …Eddy slipped into the car at the last moment, and behind his back, the guillotine-like doors shut with a clang. A siren howled, and the train darted forward whistling and rumbling, and picking up speed immediately. Somebody cried involuntarily, as he fell on a spiking elbow rest. Eddy only smiled; this guy would get off at the first or second circle. Or he would perish. The Subway did not tolerate such types. The face of the guy from up there came into view: beaten, distorted with pain and despair; [...]

The Eighth Circle of Subway

Crumbs     Norman loved his life. On a good day, he even called it flawless. He had his routine, a nice job, and a happy, docile wife. Perfection. Today was his day off, so he sat in his recliner, and watched the late morning news with his wife. He frowned as the reports of another murder sensationally splashed across the screen. He barely paid attention to the details, just let the audio wash over him. He hated violence. “This killing is definitely the work of the so-called ‘Cookie Killer,’ his fourth victim so far. As with the others, he carved the word ‘cookie’ into the forehead [...]

From Killers and Demons II: They Return

“Chief, someone’s been in my house. I can assure you I’m not making this up.” “That ain’t something I can hang my hat on, missy.” “Why don’t you quit patronizing the lady and start trying to figure out why somebody keeps breaking into her house, John Ed?”  Jack’s voice came through the front screen door.  He opened it and let himself in. “You ain’t got no dog in this fight.” John Ed glared at Jack.  “Or do you?”  He looked from Tess to Jack with a suggestive expression. “One … ”  Jack ticked off points on his fingers, “ … it’s my business because [...]

Chapter 7 microcerpt, Hissy Fit With a Tail on It

Holding the music slab in his hand made Rei think of his parents who were now so long gone as was every other person he ever knew or loved. Including Sally. Even though from his perspective, it had only been a few months, the reality was they died over a thousand years before. The thought was staggering. They were all dust. Rei had a moment of panic. What had he done? Rei felt a tug on the tether. Instinctively, he tugged back twice. Rei couldn’t help but think back to that last night he had spent with Sally. Out on her [...]

Rei's Space Walk - Part 5 of 5

Jayshawn was sitting in the apartment watching television and texting his baby mama. She was getting on his nerve bugging the fuck out of him about spending time with her and their son. He had checked her before but some girls just had to learn the hard way and she was one of those. He planned on getting rid of her as soon as he finished using her for his plan. He was going to get Alexis one way or the other. He didn’t know why he was so caught up on Alexis but he was. Maybe it was because she [...]

Caught Up: All Is Fair In Love & War

It was lonely summer night, I was feeling too much warm As light was off, I went to my house roof I could see my own shadows in darkness Suddenly a raid of cool breeze came to me My hair fluttered on my face, My eyes sparkled As one light connected to them Someone tried to hold my hand He griped me tightly Rotated me in a circle And danced with me Leaves of tree near my house Stars on the sky, Dry soil under my feet All were dancing like us Suddenly I heard The voice of my clock tick tick I awoke up It was 3am Then I thought about my last night Which I saw in my dream Which I [...]

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